About Us

Louisiana Coastal Services is a full-service professional service firm specializing in projects along the Louisiana coast. We are not an engineering or construction firm. Rather, we seek healthy partnerships with these firms so that they can focus on their specialized services.

LCS is certified as a Veteran-Owned Small Business by both US Veterans Affairs and the State of Louisiana, and is a certified Louisiana Title Insurance Provider.

What Sets Us Apart

Broad Expertise

Because we sit at the key intersections impacting coastal projects, we deliver a much better service to our clients.

The Louisiana coast presents unique legal and policy challenges. Your coastal project will sit at the intersection of real estate and property law, local and state permitting, GIS mapping, project management, regulatory compliance, and many other fields. As a result, most coastal projects involve numerous professional services, such as:

    1. Title Searches.
    2. Regulatory Compliance.
    3. GIS Mapping.
    4. Data Management.
    5. Title Insurance.
    6. Grant Management.
    7. Risk Management.

Rather than specializing in one field that may be coastally relevant, such as title searches, we deeply understand all the professional services that may bear on a coastal project.

Because of our team’s high level of training and expertise in coastal projects, we can offer all the services of our law firm, title firm, land brokerage, GIS mapping, data management services, and more.

We take pride in delivering our services under one roof. Because we sit at the key intersections that impact coastal projects, we deliver a much better service to our clients.

Deep Local Knowledge

We don’t just work on the Louisiana coast; we’re natives and we specialize in coastal issues.

Our team is made up exclusively of southern Louisiana natives with hundreds of years combined experience working on coastal projects. We understand the coast, and how to get things done on the coast that benefit local communities and the land itself. It’s what we do.

Many of our competitors are national in scope. They may do coastally relevant work, but they don’t have a local focus. LCS brings unique and deep local knowledge of everything from densely overlapping regulatory structures to community relationships and dynamics that can strongly impact the success of your project.

Modern Toolkit

From GIS mapping to project and data management, we use the best tools for every job.

New professional technologies can make a huge difference in the quality and efficiency of your coastal project. At LCS, we have a natural passion for understanding new tools that offer advantages to our clients. Instead of acquiring third-party project management systems, LCS creates its own databases with the flexibility to input data and generate outputs specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. This can save considerable time and money for our clients.